Pediatric Dentistry

Our office is experienced in all aspects of dental care for children.  We use the latest technology to offer comprehensive and preventative dental services to children from ages 2-18 years.  We use white (composite) fillings for primary (baby) teeth.  Our office uses low dose digital radiography (X-rays) which reduces radiation exposure by as much as 80%.

Here are some things you can do to ensure good oral health for your child:

  • Encourage your children to eat regular nutritious meals and avoid frequent between-meal snacking.
  • Protect your childs teeth with Fluoride.   Use a Flouride toothpaste.  If your child is less than 7 years old, only put a pea-sized amount on their toothbrush.  Ask your childs dentist about professional Fluoride application during dental visit.
  • Talk to your childs dentist about dental Sealants.  They protect teeth from decay.